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Depends on the length of the song or movie.

Average song (3 mins) is about 4 MB.

YouTube video (3 mins) is about 33 MB.

Average movie (2 hours) is about 2.5 GB

If you right click on the song or video and go to properties it should tell you its size.

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If your i-tunes is set on the default setting of 128 kB / s, it will hold about 25 albums (250- 300 songs ) per GB of space on the iPod. If you manually set the resolution to it's max. of 320 kB/s , It will take up proportionally more space on the ipod but will sound better (with less compression). If you have an ipod classic with 120 or 160 GB of space, It's worth doing this, If you care enough about sound quality.

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Q: How much storage space do music and videos take?
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