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who cares? i'd take him home any day :P

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Q: How much money is Taylor lautner worth?
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How much animals does Taylor Lautner have?

Taylor Lautner has one pet a matalese dog named Roxy.

How much money does Taylor lautner make?

about 2mil. for every movie he's in... lets just say that he's a millionaire!

How much can Taylor Lautner bench?

four weiners

How much to rent Taylor Lautner?

I wish :P

How much siblings does Taylor Lautner have?

he only has one!!

How much does Taylor Lautner weigh when he was born?


How much muscles did Taylor Lautner put on?


How much did Taylor lautner make from valentine's day?


How much does taylor lautner make in a year?

it depends on the movie

Is Taylor Lautner a boxers or pants type of guy?

boxers in one of his posters you can see the aeropostale logo of his boxers omg i luv Taylor lautner soooooooooooooooo much I <3 Taylor 4ever

How much older is Taylor Lautner than his yonger sister?


How much did Taylor gain for twilight?

Taylor Lautner had to gain 30 pounds of muscle to be in New Moon