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depending on what company and tv you have

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Q: How much does it cost to run a TV for 1 hour?
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How much does it cost to run a 19 inch tv per hour a flat screen one?

1 cent

How much does it cost to run television for 1 hour?

Most televisions today use around 100W when they are running. A typical charge for electricity is a little over 10c per kilowatt hour in the US or 10p in UK The television will use 1 KWH in about 10 hours so it will cost in the region of 1-2c or 1-2p per hour to run. The cost varies according to the size and consumption of the television and the cost of electricity in your region.

How much electricity does an LCD television need to run for an hour?

An LCD television needs electricity equivalent to around a couple hundred volts which can help run the television for around an hour. If the television set does not run for an hour, then the electricity input needs to be increased to around 70 or 80 minutes. <<>> Electric power is not measured in either volts or minutes :) . An ordinary TV will run on your normal house voltage and will consume up to 200 watts for a reasonably big TV. The energy used in one hour would be 200 watt-hours or 0.2 kWh.

How much does it cost to keep a television on for one hour?

The cost of keeping a television on for one hour depends on your electricity rate and the power consumption of the TV. On average, a 60-watt LCD TV running for one hour would cost around $0.06-$0.12, while a 200-watt plasma TV could cost around $0.20-$0.40. Check your electricity bill or contact your utility provider for the exact rate.

How much does a tv cost in colombia?

it cost as much as your momma

How much does a television commercial cost in Malaysia?

how much cost LED LG tv comparsion india cost

How much electricity does it take to watch an hour TV show?

If you have an average TV set e.g. 32" consuming 150 watts power, one hour would take 150 watt-hours of energy, that is 0.15 units, which would cost between 2p and 3p in the UK.

How much does a Television cost?

about 400

How can solar energy be used to run a television?

solar panels run energy to a controller then to a enough batteries to provide the needed amp hours to run a tv. From the battery you need to have a inverter to turn 12volt to 110volt. The tv runs of this line. First calculate watts per hour the TV use's,then how much time the TV is used ,convert this to amps per hour of use to see how many batteries you will need. Also you have to calculate the amount of solar power . How much sunlight and temp outside also how many panels to supply your needs. PS dont forget the main line should be fused with the correct size fuse

How much does a tv cost?

$500-$1000Some even cost more$1000

How much did a tv license cost in 1970?

it cost around $500-650

How much does the TV cost?

2 pence.