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In TDI he weigh 296 pounds

IN TDA he weigh 300 pounds

(Probally when he turn 21 he is overweigted and had a heart attack.

he weighs 496 pounds at the age 22)

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Q: How much does Owen from total drama island WEIGH?
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What is Owen going to do with the money if he won Total Drama Island?

He would throw the biggest party EVER!!!!!!

When does Duncan get voted off in Total Drama Island?

When he and Owen lose the challenge because Owen went for Chef's sticky buns instead of the totem pole and Gwen and Heather beat them there. Then he was voted off in the campfire ceremony because of Chef's dislike for Duncan.

Where to watch total drama revenge of the island?

i don't know but Owen wins Owen and Gwen are in the last episode you can check it out on www.teletoon.conIt's the finals and there's a surprise in store for the last two competitors (Gwen and Owen). All the former team mates have been invited back to watch the last challenge - a long distance "Rejected Olympic" run. The competitors must shimmy up a totem pole and grab a flag, cross over a ravine while carrying an eagle's egg then run through the forest to the finish line. Gwen is aided by Trent, who she no longer trusted, while Owen is aided by Izzy, Geoff, and Heather. Owen wins Total Drama Island when Izzy aids Owen by luring him with a plate of brownies. Trent asks Gwen out, and the boys dunk Chris in the water while the girls cheer them on. And then they chase Chef Hatchet all through camp. After that the season sadly ends.

In total drama action when does Harold get voted off?

Sadly, Harold gets voted off in 2008: A Space Owen. He gets 5th place Remaining contenders: Owen, Duncan, Beth, and Courtney

Who wins total drama action?

Duncan = Winner Beth = Runner Up Owen = 3rd Courtney = 4th Harold = 5th

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Who is the last survivor of total drama island?

Owen Owen

Who will win on the last episode of total drama island?

Owen will win Owen will win

Does Owen win total drama island?

yes yes he does.

Who won on the last episode of total drama island?

Owen won Total Drama Island. He won the $1,000,000.Hope this answer helped!~LiveitLoveitAK~

Who are the last 2 people on Total Drama island?

glenn and Owen

Who are the last two people on total drama island?

glenn and Owen

Who won total drama island in Norway?

Its all the same. Owen won.

Who is going to the final 2 on total drama island?

i think Gwen and Owen

Who placed 2nd on total drama island?

glenn did.Shhe lost to owen.

Who wins Total Drama Island on Cartoonetwork?

Owen vs Gwen in the final two, Owen wins overall.

Who was the last one to be eliminated in total drama island?

Gwen. Owen wins. Unfortunatalty.

Does La Shawna win Total Drama Island?