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about or 8 somethin dollars

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I think about 5 dollars

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Q: How much do grown ups tickets cost at tinseltown movie theater?
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Does Coinstar accept AMC movie theater tickets?

Yes, that is correct Coinstar accepts AMC movie theater tickets

Do the Bridge Movie Theater take Regal tickets?

No, they do not

How much were movie theater tickets in 1915?

Movie tickets expanded from 5 cents to 10 cents in 1915.

What is the cost of movie tickets at north woods movie theater?

6.00 a ticket.

Can you get tickets in advance from the movie theater?

Yes. Most of the time you can.

Where can you buy tickets for the hunger games movie?

you could by them at a theater

How much are movie tickets for the vampires assistant for regal theater 12?

It depends on the theater you go to.

Where can one purchase movie tickets online?

Depending on which theater one will be watching the movie, purchasing movie tickets online can vary. Visiting your local theater's website the most resourceful way to purchase movie tickets for any upcoming shows one would like to see!

30 percent of tickets sold by a movie theater were children's tickets at 4.00 ea The rest were sold at 8.50 ea The theater collected 360.00 in children's tickets How many tickets sold in all?

153 tickets total

How do I compare theater ticket prices online?

There are many sites that can help you find the cheapest movie theater tickets. These include the Movie Tickets site, the Cineplex site and the Empire Theatres site.

How much are the tickets for the movie hop?

Well, its hard to say exactly how much. Depending on what movie theater that you are seeing the movie at tickets can range from $6.00-$20.

How much is 3 tickets to a movie?

Three tickets to a movie range depending on what movie theater you go to.It might range from fifteen to forty dollars.