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computer animation, clay animation and stop motoin -animation

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there are tons of animes because the creators keep making them and they make more and more different ones

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Scientists say there are about 1 million known animals in water and on land. But there are about 5 thousand animals that are unknown through out the whole world by land or sea/

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There are 5 types of Animation

Traditional Animation 2D Vector-Based Animation 3D Computer Animation Motion Graphics Stop Motion

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about 100,000,053.

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Q: How many types of animation are there?
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What are the types of custom animation ms power point?

There are many custom animation :)

How many types animation?

I like to tell you basic Types of Animation. Stop animation is a technique to make objects move on their own. Computer Animation is the latest technique of animation that includes 2D and 3D animation. 2D is used through PowerPoint and Flash animations and 3D is used in film making where we require unusual objects or characters that are not easy to display.

How many types of animations in Ms PowerPoint?

In power point have 4 types of animation there are Entrance Emphasis Exit Motion

What is the person called who makes animation for TV shows?

A television program, such as a cartoon series, or puppet animation would employ a different set of crew members, depending on the kind of animation involved.DetailsAnimation's implementation on film is achieved by the work of many, many people, each with different job titles.You can read more about animation -- its many different types, and computer animation, below.(Stay past the end of an animated movie and read the animation credits: often there are hundreds of names.)Another link, below, to the film Avatar, offers a full list of people and their titles who worked on the animation for that film, which included a rich mix of types of animation.

What are the different types of animation technique?

Different animation techniques are things like cartoon animation or paper animation. They are made by taking photo's. I hope this helped:)<3

Is cartoon network an animation company?

Yes, cartoon network is an animation company. It is a US based company which works on different types of animation techniques.

What can a GIF image do that other files types cannot do?


What are the types of animations in Movie Maker?

Effects and transitions are the animation types in Windows Movie Maker.

What are the two types of animation?

The two types of adaptations are physiological, or structural, and behavioral.

What is a main purpose of note pane?

notes pane have many types of title and animation .notes pane examples are microsoft powerpoint

What types of animation does Maya offer?

Maya offers mostly 3D and multimedia animation services. They are one of the better animation studios and have become much more popular in recent years.

Who initiated animation?

There is no single person who can be considered the "creator" of the art of film animation, as there were several people doing several projects which could be considered various types of animation all around the same time.