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only six: school's out only women i never cry you and me how you gonna see me now poison

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30. 25 Studio Albums & 5 Live Albums. =).

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Q: How many top 20 songs dose Alice cooper have?
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How many songs and what are they has Alice Cooper sang cameos in for other bands?

They have sang about 127 cameos forother bands

How many songs has Alice Cooper written?

To be exact........324 songs.i made one up for him and sent it to nim but he never got it. :(

Did Alice cooper design heavy metal?

No one really "designed" heavy metal. It all came about with certain bands/artists writing certain songs and using certain styles. A music type has to develope over time. However, Alice Cooper did created his own genre of music called "shock rock" because of all the songs he created. That is an acception to the rule. However, Alice Cooper did influence many bands that are now categorized as heavy metal today (such as KISS, Marilynn Manson, etc).

How many songs dose LMFAO have?

They have 41 songs

Is Alice Cooper a man or a woman?

Although Alice is typically a woman's name, in the case of shock-rocker Alice Cooper, he is, and has always been, a man. Alice Cooper is just a stage name he came up with, claiming that he found it through the use of a ouija board and that it was the name of a witch burned at the stake many years ago. In reality, he just came up with the name because it sounded cool. In the case of Gary Cooper's mother, Alice Cooper is a woman. And this goes for any other woman named Alice whose surname (or married name) is Cooper.

How many songs have the word school in the title?

School - Supertramp School's out for Summer - Alice Cooper Beauty School Dropout - Frankie Avalon High School Confidential, by Jerry Lee Lewis


alice cooper had 26 studio albums, 46 singles, 10 live albums, 21 compilation albums, 12 video released and an audiobook.

How many songs dose one direction have?


How many songs dose Jessie j have?


Is Alice in chains satanic?

No, they are not. Layne Staley have stated that he's not into organized religion. The song "Man in the Box" mentions Jesus in a seemingly sceptical way but their songs are often about loneliness, pain and love. Anti-satanic would be a fitting description.

How many song's dose Katy Perry have?

101 songs...

How many snakes dose Alice cooper have?

As far as I know Alice Cooper only ever had one snake named Mistress (a boa constrictor). However, it would depend on how you defined "snake" and also the fact that I only know of his most famous snake. He may have more. (Id imagine "snake" to be defined as a snake.... O_O) He's had loads. Katrina is the one I can think of. I can think of one called Julius Squeezer.