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That's very hard to say. It varies a lot, and it seems to be a bit random. We haven't gotten a proper answer from the game developers, but IGN has tried to do a research about it.

Here's what we mean. Say you have a simple one-on-one ladder match, and you set your ladder in the middle of the ring. You make the first move for the item. You climb the ladder, then tilt up on the right stick. After holding it a moment, you flick down on the right stick when prompted. This, for lack of a better term, scores you a "point."

Now, it seems that it takes four points (with a lead by two) to actually pull the item down. So if you stay unmolested at the top of the ladder, you can keep flicking the stick down when prompted to pull the item off. After the fourth flick, because the opponent hasn't stopped you, you'll pull it down and win the match.

But now let's say the opponent decides to actually try to stop you. He knocks you off, climbs the ladder himself, and manages to do three flicks of his own. He's now leading 3 to 2. For you to win, you'll have to climb the ladder and do a few flicks more: specifically, you'd have to do three flicks, to get the score 5 to 3 and gain that "by two" lead.

There is probably more do it than a point system, but documentation is sadly lacking. Whatever the specifics, you must be able to climb the ladder, grab the item, and yank at it using the right stick as prompted. And, it requires each given character to yank the item multiple times to actually pull it down, so you can't just wait until the last second like you could in ladder matches before.

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Q: How many times to hold the briefcase in smackdown vs raw 2011?
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