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He has been 6 times and is 5-1 at WrestleMania

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about 4 times

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Q: How many times has John Cena defeated The Undertaker?
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How many times has John Cena defeated Randy Orton?

john defeated randy more times we can count

Who is the stronger man in WWE?

(2011) The strongest man in wwe is the undertaker and john cena in smackdown it's the undertaker and on raw it's john cena.

Did john cena ever beat the undertaker?

At Cyber Sunday 2008 The main event was the World Heavyweight Championship match between Batista and The Undertaker. Steve Austin was announced as the Special Guest Referee. Both Batista and The Undertaker had the match in their advantage. Batista hit a series of powerslams and throws on the Undertaker. Undertaker, however, hit a chokeslam on Batista, but only got a two count. Undertaker then followed up with a Last Ride. Undertaker then went for a Tombstone Piledriver, but Batista reversed the move into a Spinebuster, but got a two-count. Batista then executed a Batista Bomb on The Undertaker, but Undertaker kicked out. Batista then executed another Batista Bomb and pinned The Undertaker to successfully retain the World Heavyweight Championship it wasnt the undertaker that he fought it was chris Jericho ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was At Cyber Sunday 2007 Undertaker vs Batista WHC It was At Cyber Sunday 2008 (where chris Jericho faced Batista) WHC However Stone Cold was Referee at Both Times By Atit Anish Patel

Who is the most dangerous wrestler today?

According to me in wwe it might undertaker, batista and John Cena.

Who can beat the undertaker at WrestleMania?

Actually undertaker beat triple h at wrestlemaina 27 also it is highly spoken about that there will a certain fight between John Cena and undertaker at wrestlemaina 29 not 28 because John will be vs the rock and then later on wrestle maina 29 John Cena will end his streak so i cant wait until 2013

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When john cena defeated undertaker?

he defeated undertaker in tlc once in 2000

Has john cena ever defeated undertaker?


Who is richer undertaker or John Cena?

i would say undertaker. because undertaker is way more experience than cena and defeated many legends. He defeated goldberg once. john cena never defeated him. Well thats all folks. now you know who is richer

How many times has John Cena defeated Randy Orton?

john defeated randy more times we can count

How many times did undertaker beat john cena?


How many times undertaker beat John cena?


Who is the face of the WWE?

the undertaker is he is a7x world heavyweight champion IT'S THE UNDERTAKER He is not the face of the WWE is John Cena he is a 10 times World Campion The Undertaker is the face of SmackDown