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Well, it depends on what kind of Rasengan. If it's the Rasenshuriken, then he can only use it twice, but if you're talking about the regular Rasengan, then it has no specified limit as to how many times he can use it.

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How many times they use, not how many times they can use.
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Naruto ,Jiraiya,Minato,Kakashi and Naruto teaches Konahamaru in Shippuden. Also Gouken can do a Tatsumaki Rasengan. LOL XD JK

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5, Naruto, Kakashi, Minato (4th Hokage), and Jiraya. Konahmaru

(naruto taugt him before the attack by pein and you see him using it on 1 of the peins to protect ebisu)

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Q: How many times does Naruto use the Rasengan?
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How me use the red rasengan with future Naruto in Naruto the way of the ninja?

When you have little healts and use normal rasengan red rasengan (nine tailed fox rasengan) must appears

How many times can you use chidori and rasengan in 1 day?

Naruto and Jiraya can perform the rasengan until they use up all their chakra, and the chidori can only be used a few times depending on your strength and mastery of the Technique. Sasuke and Kakashi can use it 2-3 times a day.

Can you use 1 tailed fox Naruto rasengan in Naruto Ninja Destiny?

yes but you have to carry on playing to you get it

How do you get the items to use blazing rasengan on Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3?


Can you use odamo rasengon in Naruto clash of ninja revolution 3?

you can use giant rasengan

What types of rasengan does naruto use?

Regular Rasengan, Double Rasengan, Giant Rasengan, Wind Style Rasenshurikan, Japanese- Resengan, Oodama Rasengan (Giant Resengan), Futon Rasenshurikan.

How did naruto dad create the rasengan?

He watched Kushina use the tailed beast bomb

Can you use Naruto giant rasengan Ultimate Ninja 3?

no but he can use the regular one and team one

Why does naruto only use kage bushin no jutsu and rasengan in the series now?

because naruto can't always control what he summmons with the summonign jutsu so he only uses kagina shuno jutso and rasengan

Who would win naruto or inuyasha?

Naruto would use the rasengan to block the backlash wave.No, cause the backlash wave will counter attack the rasengan, but it's possible for the rasengan to block the wind scar.Both Inuyasha and Naruto have strong abilities but the question is who would give up?

How do you use Naruto's true rasengan in Naruto chronicles 2?

first you have to buy it, then you put in your skill plate then you can use it just by pushing the special button longer!

Who can use the rasengan?

Jirayia, Yondaime (4th hokage), naruto,tsunade,and kakashi. Hope this helps