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none randy ortan pinned him before he had a chance

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Q: How many times did hbk superkick randy ortan?
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01 time

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What is the name of RKO?

it is based on randy ortans real name randy kieth ortan many wwe fans do not know that. many people think that rko stands for randy killer ortan. because the move is so hurt full

How many belts has randy ortan had?

Randy Orton has held a championship 7 times in the WWE: World Heavyweight Title 1 time, World Tag Team Title 1 time (with Edge), Intercontinental Title 1 time, and the WWE Championship 4 times.

How many times was Randy Orton champion?

6 times

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Randy Orton has never been United States Champion in his time at WWE.

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8 times in total, 6 in their current feud.