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September 2009 Showtime launched its 4th season. :) Enjoy

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Dexter (TV series) had 5 seasons with 60 episodes and debuted October 1st 2006 .

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Q: How many seasons of Dexter are there?
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How many seasons has Dexter run?

They aired their sixth season in 2011.

How many seasons are there from Dexter its May 8th?

5 seasons have aired there will at least be a 6th season debuting later this year.

Does Dexter online have longer programming than Dexter on television?

Dexter online does not have longer programming than Dexter on television. Dexter online is available for no fee. All seasons of Dexter can be found online.

I live in holland and would like to download the Dexter early seasons. How do I do that or can I buy it in DVD format?

dexter downloads

When will 'Dexter' Season 5 released on DVD?

The Dexter seasons are usually released in August right before the new season starts in September.

How many series of Dexter have they made?

there is 9 series in dexter.

How many pages does Dexter Is Delicious have?

Dexter Is Delicious has 368 pages.

When did the cartoon Dexter's Lab first air on tv?

The cartoon series called "Dexter's Lab" first aired on television in the year 1999. The cartoon series ended in the year 2003 after four complete seasons.

How many seasons does Peru have?

how many seasons are there in your country how many seasons are in Peru

Who is the star of the tv show Dexter?

He was originally voiced by Christine Cavanaugh for the two original seasons and Ego Trip, and later by Candi Milo when the series returned for 2 additional seasons, as well as in all recent media.

How many episodes in Dexter?


When does Dexter season 4 start?

I suspect it will be around September 2009. according to the showtime web site, Dexter season 4 starts on May 31'st On May 31st shows from past seasons will begin showing. The new season is in September 20 2009, Dexter runs opposite ways of the Tudors.