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3 Floors, and 14 rooms are mentioned but im sure there are more.

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Q: How many rooms downstairs are in Bella's house in twilight?
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In the movie twilight how many rooms does all the cullens have at there house?

I think 18

What is a 2 up 2 down house?

It is typically a small house in a terrace of small houses with just two rooms downstairs and two rooms upstairs, common in newly urbanised England in the 19th century

How small is the smallest building?

I'm not sure but the smallest house on England is detached and has 2 rooms downstairs and 1 room upstairs , a bit like a bedsit

what is the red many rooms?

the red house is a small house with 8 rooms

How much rooms does the cullens and hales have on each floor in twilight?

it doesn't say or show the total of rooms on each of the floors, in the book it is describes as a big house with three floors although in the film i think it was given 4 floors.

How many rooms in house of commons?

there are 585 rooms in the house of commons

How many rooms does Osborne House have?

1,650 rooms in Osborne House

How much rooms and floors does the cullens have in the saga of twilight?

They never say how many rooms, but there are 3 floors

Why are the rooms not used and why is the White House so big if it have 17 rooms in it?

The White House has 132 rooms, not 17.

How many rooms does Katie price have in her house?

Katie has 8 rooms in her house.

what is the red house, how many rooms?

a very tiny house... 8 rooms

How do you expand rooms on Webkinz?

You cannot expand the rooms of your Webkinz house. You can buy larger rooms to add to your house though.