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seven-colored rasengan,kyubii rasengan,gelel rasengan, twin rasengan (kyubii and gelel rasengan), crescent moon rasengan,oodama rasengan (great ball rasengan), super great ball rasengan, naruto-shion chakra rasengan, and rasengan the spriral chakra sphere,Determination rasengan,tornado rasengan,dark rasengan

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There's at least five : crescent moon, odooma rasengan, vermillion rasengan, rasen-shuriken, and red rasengan. Hope this helped :)

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Q: How many rasengan are there in Naruto?
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How do you get one-tailed fox Naruto rasengan on Naruto ninja destiny ds?

naruto strongest rasengan is massive rasengan and nine tail fox rasen shuriken by:hao to

What is naruto's orange rasengan called?

Nine tails [Kyuubi] Rasengan or the Vermillion Rasengan

How me use the red rasengan with future Naruto in Naruto the way of the ninja?

When you have little healts and use normal rasengan red rasengan (nine tailed fox rasengan) must appears

What is a strong jutsu on naruto?


Does Naruto learn the rasengan?

Yes, he does

Does Naruto learn rasengan?

yes he does

Who taught naruto the rasengan?


How many times does Naruto use the Rasengan?

Well, it depends on what kind of Rasengan. If it's the Rasenshuriken, then he can only use it twice, but if you're talking about the regular Rasengan, then it has no specified limit as to how many times he can use it.

Is the hellfire Rasengan in any of the naruto's episodes?

No!!!!!!! naruto manga and episodes there are only rasengan,demon fox rasengan,odama rasengan,super great ball rasengan,raserengan,.ultimate rasengan, double odama rasengan, rasengan wind release, wind release rasenshuriken also rasengan riot, great ball rasengan barrage, mini-rasenshurilen, planetary rasengan, rasengan vaccum, and the Flash (Bijuu) Bomb to an extent Edit by Axel

Who made rasengan?

The 4th Hokage Jiraiya learned rasengan and taught naruto who made an origanal rasengan

What is odama rasengan?

a bigger stronger version naruto made himself to improve his rasengan

What are Naruto's moves?

Kage bunshin no jutsu - Shadow clone jutsu Rasengan Rasen-shuriken - wind style rasengan shuriken Henga/Harem no jutsu - Sexy jutsu Kuchiyose shino jutsu - Summoning jutsu chou oodama rasengan oodama rasengan nine tailed rasengan nine tails tranformation jutsu