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Six separate two-man crews landed on the moon. They are:

Apollo 11 - Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin, July 20, 1969

Apollo 12 - Pete Conrad & Alan Bean, November 19, 1969

Apollo 14 - Alan Shepard & Edgar Mitchell, February 5, 1971

Apollo 15 - Dave Scott & Jim Irwin, July 30, 1971

Apollo 16 - John Young & Charlie Duke, April 21, 1972

Apollo 17 - Gene Cernan & Harrison Schmitt, December 11, 1972

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I believe 12 when counting both the commanders and lunar module pilots of the completed missions.

Neil Armstrong - Apollo 11 commander

Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin - Apollo 11 lunar pilot

Charles Conrad - Apollo 12 commander

Alan Bean - Apollo 12 lunar pilot

Alan Shepard - Apollo 14 commander

Edgar Mitchell - Apollo 14 lunar pilot

David Scott - Apollo 15 commander

James Irwin - Apollo 15 lunar pilot

John Young - Apollo 16 commander

Charles Duke - Apollo 16 lunar pilot

Eugene Cernan - Apollo 17 commander

Harrison Schmitt - Apollo 17 lunar pilot

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The number of people who have went to the moon is twelve. Some of these people are, Alan Bean, Alan Shepard, Edgar Mitchell, David Scott, Neil Armstrong, and Buzz Aldrin.

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12 men over 6 missions

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Q: How many people have went to the moon?
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