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The Gemini spacecraft carried two astronauts to the moon.

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Gemini carried 2 astronauts- but did NOT go to the moon. The Moon landings used the Apollo spacecraft with 3 astronauts.

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Q: How many people did Gemini spacecraft Cary?
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The Gemini spacecraft had a capacity for two astronauts.

How many members were aboard the Gemini Spacecraft?

All of the manned Gemini flights had two astronauts in them.

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How many astronauts were on board each of NASA's Gemini program spaceflights?

Each Gemini spacecraft launched 2 astronauts. 16 different astronauts flew a total of 10 Gemini flights. The last 4 Gemini flights (Gemini 9 through 12) were commanded by astronauts who had previously flown on an earlier Gemini flight.

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