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Now there is only two, and their names are Sasuke and Madara

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Q: How many people have the curse mark in naruto and what are their names?
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How many forms does Sasuke have in all of the Naruto Ultimate Ninja games?

in all the naruto ultimate ninja games,sasuke has 3 forms,the normal,the curse mark mode 1 and the curse mark mode 2

How many characters are in Naruto accel 2?

In naruto accel 2, there are 75 characters in total. That includes the character transformation, like curse mark sasuke.

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How many chidoris are in Naruto?

There are 5 they are Double-handed chidori, Curse mark Chidori, Black Chidori, Chidori 1000 birds, Chidori Stream (Shippuden)

How many ninjas liked Sakura in the episodes of Naruto?

The only people who like Sakura is Naruto and Rock Lee!!

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How many characters are on Naruto the broken bond?

I think about the B36 or so, but for people who dont know, I have a cheat to unlock Demon Naruto At the Beginneng. Go to Vs mode. When it is at the choose how many people you want enter : XXYYXYXYXX and u wil get dmn naruto

How many people are in naruto clash of ninja revolution 3?


Why do so many people hate Naruto?

Its because its finished already

How many people die in Naruto?

About 30 people in all total so far.

How many people died shortly after the tomb opening contributing to the curse theory?

about 11 people died