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It depends on the person.

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Q: How many people can focus while listening to music?
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The kind of listening you do when you listen to background music as you study is called?

Passive listening is the kind of listening we do at the grocery store, in the elevator, or at the dentist. This is background listening, where the music washes over you while you are involved in another activity.

Disadvantages of Listening to Music?

disadvantages of Music are listed below: it takes you to fantasy and away from the real world it distracts & diverts your attention it is non-productive leisure & waste of the time mostly (one do not learn something from Music) Listening loud music while driving causes accidents and the list goes on...

What is Referential Music?

Referential music is when the listener is reminded of something while listening to certain music or songs. The music and songs depend on the person and their experiences or are clich_'s.

Who is larisa alekseenko?

One of the super hot models you found out while listening to classical music on Youtube.

Is listening to music a good way to study?

While some people prefer to have background noise (such as music) going while they study, others prefer complete silence. And it also depends on the type of studying you're doing. For instance, someone studying simple math problems might be less distracted by music than someone studying advanced economics.The key question to ask yourself is "Am I spending more time listening to the music than I am spending on my studies?" If the answer is yes, then you need to cut the music down or turn it off altogether.The latest scientific information shows that some background noise usually does help most people "tune out" noises like traffic, construction, or people talking, and help them concentrate on what they are doing. However, this music should be slow to medium paced (not fast rock or heavy metal) and have no vocals or loud drum beats!Music can affect you in a variety of ways. Depending on the type of music you listen to you can change your brain waves to make you achieve a higher state of awareness/concentration. Instrumentals are usually the best for studying/homework as (as long as decently light) they take you into the alpha brainwave state. You get your most heightened sense of awareness and concentration in this type of brainwave. Stay away from rough beats and lyrics as they can be distracting to your work.Some people (I am one of them) cannot concentrate when it is too quiet around them. These people do benefit from having music playing quietly in the background while they work. Notice the emphasis on quiet - playing your favorite music loudly will just distract you from your work, and will have a negative effect on your studies. Sometimes it helps to play classical music or jazz - music without words - because many people key in when they hear words, and subconsciously focus to figure out what is being said.Music calms me and I enjoy it, but for some people who get distracted very easily, then it would be quite a hard time trying to concentrate.

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Do you get a spiritual or weird feeling while playing or listening to music?

You can get a spiritual feeling while playing or listening to music. Some people may feel weird when listening to certain music.

"What is the best way to focus on work/homework"?

listening to music while doing homework is the best.

What do kids think about while listening to music?

Naked people

Does listening to pop music while doing homework effect your focus?

Yes, it distracts you from your work. The only music that helps you concentrate is soft, instrumental music with no heavy beats or vocals.

Does listening to music while reading help or playing a sport put you in danger?

I believe that listening to music while running or playing a sport doesn't put me in danger because it helps people concentrate more in their running and sports. Also, many peoples says listening to music while running or playing sport improve your workout concept and many people in gyms had tried this. In addition, a physiologists named Tom Fritz said that, "listening to music drowns out our pain and exhaustion". Also, listening to music while exercising improves the experience even more.

What is an air guitar?

An air guitar is an imaginary guitar which people listening to music pretend to play while the music is going on.

What does it mean when a guy texts you while listening to his favorite song?

He's texting while listening to music.

What happens to your brain while listening to music?

When you are listening to music, the brain analyses the various patterns that the music creates. Music is about pattern recognition, on the neurological level.

What music is good for listening while studying?


Is listening to music good for homework?

No, in fact, studies have shown that listening to music while doing homework will distract you from what you're really supposed to be doing. Some would say otherwise, though. Try listening to music while doing your homework for ten minutes. Then try doing your homework for ten minutes without listening to music. Study how much more you completed while either listening to music or not and use that data to determine whether or not music helps or hurts you.

Is it ok to interrupted a guy while hes listening to music just to say hi?

Shure. He's just listening to music.

Is a person crazy for pretending to be other people while listening to music?

No. Especially if you are not breaking any laws and your life is functional and happy. Fantasizing about being some one else is normal - whether listening to music or not.