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There are several reasons, such as rhythm. Some people who like rap, rock, hip hop, techno, etc. might not listen to the words and listen to the beat or the rhythm of the song. Another reason is that it may have a connection with someone's past. If they listened to a certain genre when they were younger, they might like it because it reminds them of their childhood, or someone close to them liked it and they like remembering that person by listening to that genres or those genres.

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Simple - everyone always likes the music they listened to while they were in high school, regardless of what, or when, it was. Generally speaking of course. Therefore the difference between generations' popular music is the era in which it was produced.

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they generally do.. I think this is because different generations of people have different views of different things, depending on what, for example, type of music they prefer. People of different ages usually like different types of music because of what they grew up listening to. If you grow up listening to pop music then you will probably enjoy that music. It also influence. If your friends and family like certain genres then you will probably like that music too (unless it is your parents music, which nobody seems to like). Many people think that it is what you listened too at the best time of your life which varies between people. A lot of people also think that it also depends on your personality, for example, quiet people probably won't enjoy listening to heavy metal and loud music like that.

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The age range is specific to children and adults.

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Q: Do different age groups like different types of music?
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