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three. the one on his face and one on each palm of his hands

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  1. One on his face, one on his left chest and 2, one mouth per hand
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Q: How many mouths does deidara have?
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Is deidara a boy or a girl?

Deidara is a man, not a girl!!! although i belive deidara is gay because deidara loves sasori and Tobi loves deidara

Who was with deidara when deidara was fighting Sasuke?

Tobi was there with deidara. He helped at first, but when deidara used C4 karura, Tobi ran away

Is deidara 19?

Yes Deidara is 19

Is deidara a lady?

Deidara is a man, not a lady.

Is deidara a girl?

He is male.--Deidara is not a girl.

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How does deidara looks like?

Deidara has long blonde hair tied up with a pony-tail with his bang hanging from his left eye,slanted blue eyes,and on his left eye he wears a scope (but not permanent).He also has mouths on the each sides of his palms oh his hands,and on his chest he has a large stitched up mouth. ---Animelover1234567 & NarutoFanGirl101 ;)

How is deidara?

Deidara is dead. But he was resurrected for the Fourth Shinobi war

Is deidara strong?

no way! Deidara is the strongest Naruto character.

In what episode does the art guy die in Naruto Shippuden?

It depends who you are talking about, Sasori (the puppet guy) dies in episode 28. While Deidara (the dude with mouths on his hands) dies in episode 124 in a blaze of glory.

Can you play as Deidara in Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3?

No,Deidara is n the Shippudden Storyline. Ultimate Ninja 3 is not. Deidara is in UN4.

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