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Q: How many men does Carmela Soprano have an affair with in the Soprano series?
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How many syllables are in soprano?

Three (So-pra-no)

What are the types of saxophones?

Alto, Tenor, Soprano, and many many others

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Carmela Corren is an Israeli born singer and actress. She had released songs in the 60's, and starred in many films, the style of music she plays would be classified unclearly.

What type of dress shoes does Tony Soprano wear in sopranos?

The maker of Tony Soprano's shoes is mostly Tods and Gucci (collection 2001). However in many episodes you could see Tod's yellow Boxes in Tony's wardrobe. Look for Series N.3, christmast 's episode 10 at the end, close to A.J.

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What soprano did Beethoven write An die ferne geliebte for?

the lieder an die ferne geliebte is not for soprano ,it is sung by a baritone you can find in Youtube many recordings for it by baritones

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There are many families in the choir. There are (not in order of pitch whatsoever): -Soprano -Mezzo-soprano -Contralto -Altos -Countertenor -Baritone -Tenor -Bass -Treble