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how many Biancas are there in this world

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Q: How many bianca's in the world?
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Does biancas baby die in home and away?


Who is biancas step daughter in eastenders?

Whitney Dean

How are grasslands managed in Australia?

biancas bangers come and shave the bush of it

What is the surname of biancas troublesome step-daughter in eastenders?

Whitney dean and thank you for asking

Baptista's character in Taming of the Shrew?

katherines and biancas dad.

When is ricky and biancas 2nd wedding in eastenders?

February 2010, in time for the soaps 25th Anniversary.

In Eastenders who kissed Tony Bianca's fiance?

Whitney Bianca's Daughter kissed tony behind biancas back. But now tony is after lauran aswell

Why were Sharon Tate and her friends and the La Biancas the victims of Charles Manson?

Manson had a rediculous idea that there would be a race war, blacks against whites and he was just getting things started. In this scenario, Manson would end up being the king of the world.

Where was Biancas black jumper for Pats funeral from?

It's from AX Paris who have their own website or also sell in New Look. It's currently on sale for £24.99!

Where was biancas jumper from what she wore for pats funeral in Eastenders?

Bianca's black studded outfit is a jumper dress from AX paris - a bargain on sale atm for £24.99!

What does baptista ask biancas would be suitors in taming the shrew?

They have to wait for Kate to be married before they can marry Bianca. And of course they have to show that they are rich, so they will be good husbands to her (rich husbands anyway. Baptista doesn't seem to care much about whether they will be kind husbands.)