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There are 5 seasons of Alias

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Q: How many alias seasons are there?
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How many pages does Alias Grace have?

Alias Grace has 470 pages.

What does the Alias DVDs contain?

"There are five seasons of the Alias show on DVD available through Buena Vista Home Entertainment. Each season of DVDs contains commentaries, gag reels, documentaries, and deleted scenes."

What charcter does Jennifer garder play in the show alias?

For 5 seasons she portrayed international spy Sydney Bristow.CIA agent Sydney Bristow.

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How many episodes are in total for the Alias TV series?

There are 5 seasons. Starring for example Jennifer Garner, Micahel Vartan, Ron Rifkin, Bradley Cooper, Merin Dungey, Carl Lumby, Kevin Weisman and David Anders.

When was the series Alias Smith and Jones on air in the United States?

Alias Smith and Jones was a Western series starring Ben Murphy Roger Davis and Pete Duel. It was aired on the ABC channel from 1971 to 1973 and ran for just 3 seasons. There were 50 episodes.

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Alias During the war many people used fake names in letters in case if the British found them.

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About 9 seasons.

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