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there are four (4).

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Q: How many The Crow movies are there?
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What story has been made into the most movies?

the crow

Teen supernatural movies that with the letter C?

The Craft, the Crow.

How many Crow species are there?

Many species including the American crow, fish crow, carrion crow, hooded crow.

How many species of Crow are there?

Many species including the American crow, fish crow, carrion crow, hooded crow.

What do crow tattoos mean?

if you ever saw the crow movies that pretty much explains in the crow is the transporter of souls of the people who past I AM NOT JOKING that was REALLY belived by the ancient mayans,Aztecs,and suoy Indians

Is Micheal Myers better than the crow?

Yes he can.5 reasons why 1 they made 10 movies plus Halloween 3d and asylum 2 the crow may be in a way popular 3 Micheal Myers has killed over 100 people 4 Micheal can't die because he has to kill his family to stop the rage 5 watch all the Halloween movies and the crow movies then think who is better?

What is the scientific term for a crow?

There are many species of crow. The European carrion crow is corvus corone, whilst the American crow is corvus brachyrhynchos.

Why do crow appear in scary movies?

Because it's a sign of death/darkness which to most people means 'scaryness'.

How many talons does a crow have?

A crow has 4 talons (toes) on each foot.

What birds are close relatives of crows?

There are many relatives to the crow. Along with the Raven, there are also subsections for relatives for the crow. For instance, here in America, we have the American Crow. But then, there are Jungle Crows, Carrion Crow, and then the Hooded Crow.

How many pages does As the Crow Flies - novel - have?

As the Crow Flies - novel - has 617 pages.

How many hatchlings can a hawaiian crow have?

The Hawaiian crow generally lays five eggs.