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They never tell you how many shards are in the jewel.

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Q: How many Shikon Jewel shards are there?
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What color is the shikon jewel from inuyasha?

purple and pinkish

Does the shikon jewel grant wishes?

yes i think

In what episode did kagome use the shikon jewel to become a demon?

She NEVER used the Shikon Jewel to become a demon. Not in the TV show, SPOIL OF THE END: Kagome makes one wish on the jewel, that is will disappear forever, END OF THE SPOIL Its up to YOU how she might have become a half-demon.

Does kikyo kill naraku?

The Shikon Jewel manipulated him. He never would have killed her, he loved her, and wished for her love.

Is kagome really the reincarnation of kikyo?

yes she was born with the shikon jewel inside of her because kikyo burned it with her body

Which inuyasha episode has the tainted jewel shards in kagomes neck?


Who is Kegoma?

its kagome and its the girl who can sense the sacred jewel shards and inuyashas partner

What does Shikon mean?


On Inuyasha what happened to Koga after going after Naraku?

Naraku takes out most of his clan, and eventually Koga loses his two shards of the Shikon Jewel and he returns to the remnants of his wolf pack. As to his thing for Kagome, he lets up on his affection and devotion to her, and tells Kagome that if she ever gets tired of Inuyasha, he is still available. But in the end, he marries Ayame.

Can kagome from Inuyasha sense demons?

i dont think so but she can sense the jewel shards

Why doesnt kagomea give inuyasha the jewel shards?

because kagome wants inuyasha to stay a half-demon because kagome is scared inuyasha will not remember her if he becomes a demon by using the sacred jewel.

Does Inuyasha flirt with kagome?

No, not really. Inuyasha hides his feelings for her. Although they are both aware they have feelings for one another, I have never seen them flirt. Probably because they are both embarresed on the subject, and because they're to busy with other things, like defeating Naraku, and collecting shards of the Shikon Jewel. In one episode, Kagome tells her friends (the ones in modern day Tokyo) that she and Inuyasha have a platonic (non-sexual; affectionate) relationship.