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There are actually 9 books if you count part one and two of the deathly hallows. there is also the book/ play of "the cursed child"

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There are 7 Harry Potter books.

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Q: How many Harry Potter stories will there be?
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Can you call Harry Potter stories as a novel?

Yes, the Harry Potter stories are novels.

Is Harry Potter a noval?

Harry Potter is a series of fantasy stories.

What stories are featured on the Harry Potter Fan Fiction website?

The stories that are featured on the Harry Potter Fan Fiction website are written by fans of the books or films of Harry Potter. They are written as if the author is in the Harry Potter story. Some of those stories are Never Alone, Days of War and Stolen Freedom.

What is bronze currency in Harry Potter stories?

the knut is a bronze coin in Harry Potter tales

What have you learn about the story of Harry Potter?

Moral of the Harry Potter stories is - good conquers all !

Do wizards in Hogwarts exist?

No. Hogwarts is a fictitious school, from the Harry Potter novels. Many of the people, creatures, and places in Harry Potter are fictitious. Wizards and witches only appear in fantasy stories such as Harry Potter.

Are there going to be anymore Harry Potter stories?


Is a Harry Potter and Ginny love stories are real?

I think the stories are real with the love stories

Is Harry Potter made up?

Yes. So are the magic spells, the potions, many of the places mentioned (such as Hogwarts), most of the characters in the stories, and many of the creatures mentioned (such as dragons, dementors, etc.). In the real world, there is no magic of the type that appears in fantasy stories, such as Harry Potter.

Would you class Harry Potter books as monster stories?


Are the main characters from the story of the tales of beedle the bard the same from Harry Potter?

Dumbledore, who gives his notes in all of the stories is in Harry Potter. But otherwise, the people mentioned in the short stories are not. However, the Tales of Beedle the Bard are present in the world of Harry Potter i.e. they carry them around, read them and use the stories in their adventures

How big is a snitch from the Harry Potter stories?

The Snitch is about the size of a golfball.