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Q: Would you class Harry Potter books as monster stories?
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How would you use sorcerer in a sentence?

In the books of Harry Potter there is an incredible sorcerer in the stories who can do spells that are very magical.

Who would win Harry Potter or sonic?

Harry potter

Who would win in a fight the flash or Harry Potter?

harry potter

Who would win wizards of Waverly place or Harry Potter?

Harry potter

Who would be the headmaster at Hogwarts if the Harry Potter movies continued?

harry potter

What she writing before Harry Potter Series?

J.K. Rowling did not write anything before the Harry Potter series. She would occasionally write short stories that she shared with family and friends but she didn't have any published works until Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Actually she got the idea to write Harry Potter one day when the train she was on had a four-hour delay.

Does Harry Potter have a catch fraze in Harry Potter films?

The closest you can get to a Catch Phrase in Harry Potter would be the classic "Bloody Hell"

Who is more famous Harry Potter or David Beckham?

That would be a matter of opinion, and in my opinion i would consider Daniel Radcliff, or Harry Potter to be more famous.

Is there a Harry Potter book that tells you all about Harry Potter?

An idiots guide to Harry Potter would suit you perfectly. (Real Book and would actually fulfill what you are asking for.

What is the name of the collection of short stories J.K. Rowling published after the final Harry Potter book?

after finishing the harry potter series j.k Rowling writ: The Tales Of Beedle The Bard if i were you i would defiantly read it, really good book.

What books are Harry Potter in?

Harry Potter will appear in the Harry Potter books. If he was to appear in any other published novel it would violate copyright.

What are the name on Harry Potter?

Well, if he wore a name tag, it would say "Harry Potter."