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Since the academy and they still are. Although Sasuke and Naruto don't really admit it. They really are still friends no matter how much they fire off punches.

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Q: How long was Naruto and Sasuke friends?
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Does Sasuke become friends with Naruto after they kill itachi?

There is no "they"...only Sasuke kills Itachi. And, no, Sasuke is not friends with Naruto.

What is the secret between Sasuke and Naruto?

there best friends

Are Naruto and Sasuke best friends?

I think so because before sasuke left he said he considered naruto as his best friend.

Are Naruto Uzamaki and Sasuke Uchiha childhood friends?

yes they are

Will naruto and Sasuke be friends?

They are already friends. At least, they have a bond connecting them in some way, according to Naruto. I believe Sasuke feels the same, but he doesn't show.

How long is Sasuke rescue arc?

It's like 30 episodes long, starting when Naruto and Sasuke fought each other in the hospital to when Sasuke beats Naruto and leaves for Orochimaru.

Do Naruto and sasuke become friends?

No, not according to what is so far revealed.

Does sasuke ever be friends with naruto again?

As of now, no. But, the series is ongiong.

Do Naruto and Sasuke become friends in shppuden?

Shippuden hasn't ended yet, but so far, no. (Although Naruto still thinks of Sasuke as a friend, of course.)

Which episode does Gaara become friends with Naruto?

no because so far in the manga and episode sasuke is bad i'm not saying he will always be evil

Do Sasuke Naruto become friends again?

I'm not completely up to date on Shippuden but in reality I think Sasuke still thinks of Naruto as a friend. Sasuke isn't cruel enough to completely sever that bond.

Why are Sasuke and naruto best friends?

because they love and like each others