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It is traditional to discuss the length of theatrical motion pictures in terms of "reels." The standard length of a 35 mm motion picture reel is 1,000 feet (300 m). This length runs approximately 11 minutes at sound speed (24 frames per second) and slightly longer at silent movie speed (which may vary from approximately 16 to 18 frames per second). Most films have visible cues which mark the end of the reel. This allows projectionists running reel-to-reel to change-over to the next reel on the other projector.

A so-called "two-reeler" would have run about 20-24 minutes since the actual short film shipped to a movie theater for exhibition may have had slightly less (but rarely more) than 1000ft (about 305m) on it
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It varies, but always longer than 60 minutes. Animated films and comedies are usually shorter than dramas.

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Your answer depends on the size of the film.

An IMAX film reel is much larger than a 35mm film reel. You can see the size of a 35mm film reel in the photo, below.

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1 roll 10 minutes

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Q: How long is a full length film?
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