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black people

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2 days

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dont be a n1igga bro

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Q: How long does Sai stay with Team Kakashi for?
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What episode did Team Kakashi fight Kabuto and they took Sai?


Who is Sai why did he try to kill naruto?

sai is a foundation member who works for danzo currently sai is in team kakashi, and sai did not try to kill naruto he was testing his strength according to sai

Who are the members of team Kakashi?

Also know as team 7. Original members are Kakashi, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. Sasuke was replaced by Sai after Sasuke left for Orochimaru. And Yamato (Tenzo) replaced Kakashi temperory as Kakashi was resting after battle.

Who are the two Akatsuki Team Kakashi fight in Naruto Shippuden?

That would be Deidara and Sasori. (Minus Sai at the time.)

Who is sakura teamed up with in Shippuden?

naruto, sai and kakashi

Does Kakashi like Ino?

not really. she's falling for sai now

Is Sai from Naruto a guy?

Yes. Sai is a male who is taught to be emotionless by Danzo. Now that he met Kakashi, Naruto, and Sakura, he is showing signs of change.

When does the kakoshi team see Sasuke again?

Whenever he uses his technique called, " sharingan."

Does sai stay in team Kakashi?

im on episode 135 and hes still in so im guessing yes

How does Ino end up with?

Though it hasn't been decided, the two most popular (and logical) "candidates", so to speak, are Shikamaru from Yamanaka's own genin squad and Team Kakashi's newest member, Sai from ROOT.

What is the name of master Sasuke?

If you mean what is the name of sasuke's master (sensei) in naruto shonen (Team 7 naruto sakura and sasuke - 12 -13yrs old) its kakashi but in shippuden (team 7 now naruto sakura and sai - 15yrs old) sasuke is being taught under orochimaru

Who is the most popular Naruto character?