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Michael Jackson lived for fifty years. 1958-2009

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Q: How long did Michael Jackson live?
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How long did Michael Jackson live in India?

Michael never lived in India.

How long did Michael Jackson live for?

he lived till age 50

How long does it take to get the Michael Jackson opus order from the Michael Jackson website?

depends on where you live...... mine took 5 months so! but its amazing when it comes!

How long do you think Michael Jackson is going to live?

It depends on how well he takes care of himself.

Will Michael Jackson live again?


Where do Michael Jackson's children live?

With their grandmother Katherine Jackson.

How long had it been since Michael Jackson visited Bubbles?

Michael didn't see Bubbles again after he went to live at a sanctuary in 2002.

Did Michael Jackson bring out more than 1 live concert to DVD?

no Michael Jackson brang 72 live concerts dvds.

Do Michael Jackson's kids live with him?

Not anymore because Michael Jackson died on June 25th 2009

Do Michael Jackson's kids live in Indiana?

No they live in California.

Wheredoes Michael Jackson live?


What did Michael Jackson live in?

a mini mansion