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Movies are considered new for up to one year. Many people, however, consider movies to be new releases for 2-3 months after they have been released to DVD.

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Q: How long are movies considered to be new releases for?
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How long are movies featured as new releases?

Movies are featured as new releases in the theaters for a period of 1-6 weeks depending on how well the movie is doing in terms of sales. The typical time a movie is featured as a new release is usually 4 weeks.

Where can one find out the new releases of movies?

When an individual is in search of a way to find out new releases on movies, there are a few options. You can look up information on new releases directly online via your movie site of choice. New release information for movies can also be obtained by calling your local movie theatre.

Where can I find DVD Releases for new movies?

DVD releases for new movies are available on most website. Also most stores in your neighbour sell new and released DVDs. These include DVD's for kids and adults.

How long does family video let you rent their movies?

For new releases it is just 1 night unless you are willing to pay extra, all other movies are 5 nights. Kids movies are free, and also 5 nights!

Where can one check online new releases for movies?

There is many places to check for new movie releases. There are places dedicated to show the newest movies that are coming out as well as providing a review on them. Such companies include Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB.

Why do people still visit the theatre?

for entertainment to watch movies. To watch new releases.

Where can one get information on new DVD releases?

Information on new DVD releases can be found at several places. One place to get information is from Blockbusters they rent movies. Another place for new release information is at Amazon. Google alerts can email you updates on new releases also.

Where is the best place to stream internet movies?

There are several webpages where a person can stream movies. For example, sites such as Netflix are popular movie streaming webpages, with new releases and older movies.

What are some good movie websites where you can watch movies for free?

try , it holds alot of movies and new releases, like Arthur Christmas is already there

Where can one download new movies for free?

You can download new movies for free via the Amazon website. If register for a new Amazon Prime account, you can "borrow" many new releases for free to play on your Kindle or stream to your TV.

How many different movies are available to hire at Blockbuster?

There are thousands of movies available for rent from Blockbuster. There are movies across various genres such as horror, new releases, action, sci fi, etc.

Where can one find the new DVD movies?

New DVD movies are available to purchase at most supermarkets, stores like HMV and Argos. Alternatively one can download new releases from Blink Box or Love Film.

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