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For new releases it is just 1 night unless you are willing to pay extra, all other movies are 5 nights. Kids movies are free, and also 5 nights!

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2012-06-16 19:40:50
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Q: How long does family video let you rent their movies?
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How long can you rent iTunes movies?

You have 30 days for it in your computer, but after you start watching it, you have 24 hours to finish the movie. BUT. If you change your time in the computer you can keep it for a longer time.

Can you download full movies onto your ipod from iTunes?

yes, buy or rent them from the iTunes store.Answer:well, that doesnt answer the question. i think they meant like can you take your dvds and put them on itunes. but no you cant do that because itunes wants you to buy or rent their movies, that's just how they want to make money obviously! it sucks but whatever... if you really want a movie you have to buy it or rent it.

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Do you have to be a member to family video to rent movies?

Yes. But it is free.

How long does family video let you rent their games?

5 days.

What type of movies does 112 Video offer for rent?

112 video specialize in offering rare and unusual movies for rent. They offer movies, TV series and documentaries for rent. One can also buy buy videos as well as rent from them.

Where can you rent the Harry Potter movies?

Hollywood video

Where can you clean a video game disc?

You can take it to most shops that rent movies and video games, most of them have a machine that will clean it. I know for a fact that most family video stores have this.

Where can you watch Cheech and Chong movies?

You can rent them from video stores or Netflix.

What is block buster?

Block buster is a video store that you can rent movies at!

Is it legal to rent burned movies?

no, its not legal to burn movies at all. i dont think you can even rent a burned movie from a legitimate video store

What can you rent or buy in a video store?

The main thing you buy or rent in a video store is movies. You can also buy electronic equipment such as video cameras. Some video stores will have televisions for sale as well.

Where can you rent Dexter season 4?

Any Family Video Locations.

Where is it possible to rent from Blockbuster?

Blockbuster currently offers several ways to rent movies. They operate traditional video stores, offer a mail order rental program and operate kiosks where movies can be rented and returned.

Which is better blockbuster or movies off of iTunes?

well at blockbuster you can rent movies for 5 days on itunes you can rent movies for 30 but once you press play 24hours for the start is how long you have to watch the movie

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