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If it's supposed to say: "Who." I can tell you that they were all formed as a group at the same time in the British X-factor. Therefore they all 'joined' it at the same time.

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Q: How joined One Direction last?
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Who was the last member of One Direction?

there is no last member of one direction, they were put together as a band altogether in the x factor.

Who opens up for one direction?

Olly Murs has recently joined the boys on tour.

Who was fourteen out of one direction then they auditioned?

Liam Payne. He got to bootcamp in 2008, but didn't get through to the live shows and auditioned again in 2010 when he joined One Direction.

When was one direction last preformacne at?

Olympics :)

What is zany from one direction last name?

his last name is malik

What is Louis last name one direction?

louis last name is tomlinson

What is laim from one direction last name?

Liam's last name is Payne.

What is the last name of Louis from One Direction?

Louis' last name is Tomlinson

Who thought that he could be the last member of one direction?

Justin bieber isn't in one direction he flies solo

What harry from One Direction last name?


What is liem's last name in one direction?


When does One Direction come on iCarly?

Last year.