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In reality, the beast is really the savagery inside the boys, so it changes as they change. However, Jack uses the argument of the beast's deception to keep them afraid and under his control.

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Q: How is the beast able to deceive the boys and be harder to recogonize?
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Who is the jinchriki of the 3 tailed beast in naruto shippuden?

The last jinchuriki was Yagura who was able to have full control over the beast.

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What did the boys of Lord of the Flies think the beast was?

When it was initially mentioned by the littlun with the mulberry coloured birthmark on his face the beast was described as being a snake-thing that turned into creeper things. Jack later describes an unseen presence which he sometimes feels is hunting him when he is alone in the jungle. During a meeting many wild possibilities are raised, such as suggesting that the beast might be a giant squid or even a ghost. Simon is of the opinion that the beast is simply themselves while Ralph has always insisted that there is no beast at all. When Samneric claim to have been chased by the beast their description includes wings and sharp claws. Towards the end of the book, after Jack and his tribe have left offerings for the beast, Jack raises the possibility that the beast might be able to disguise itself and also offers the opinion that they couldn't kill it. So in short the boys variously thought that the beast was; a snake, a giant squid, a ghost, some sort of flying creature and later a god like thing that could alter its appearance Alternatively the possibilities were also raised that it might simply be a product of either nightmares or an over active imagination, it might also be a projection of the evil within themselves or simply nothing at all because there was no such thing as a beast. The littlun with the birthmark disappeared after the fire.

How does jack's reaction to Simon's death differ from the reaction of the followers?

Jack convinces the boys (and arguably himself) that it was the beast they killed, which was their first reaction upon seeing Simon due to mob mentality. Even though Ralph and Piggy admit to each other they knew it was Simon, Jack perpetuates the myth of the beast on his side of the island. This is arguably because in keeping fear of the unknown alive on the island, Jack is better able to lead in a totalitarian-like way. He convinces the boys that even though that night they thought they had killed the beast, that they actually hadn't - that they actually couldn't - and he suggests leaving sacrifices for it instead.

Why does Naruto like Hinata?

Because she admired him for his confidence and courage ever since she was a little kid. That admiration grew into love. Watch Naruto Shippuden episode 166 or read chapter 437 for more info

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According to jack how is the beast able to deceive the boys and be harder to recognize?

To quote directly from what Jack said in chapter 10, The Shell and the Glasses... "He came--- disguised. He may come again even though we gave him the head of our kill to eat. So watch; and be careful."According to Jack the beast is able to deceive the boys because he was wearing a disguise. He tells the boys the beast will be harder to recognize because he will continue to come in different disguises.

Jack how is the beast able to deceive the boys and be harder to recognize?

The "beast," is an embodiment of the boys' growing levels of insanity and parania. There was no real beast; one was the corpse of a soldier, the other a pig head on a stick. When Simon comes to understand that the beast on top of the mountain is only a deceased pilot, he foes to tell the others. The insanity and blood lust that ensues is what kills Simon. The beast reveals human mature in it's wild state and about the primitiveness that dwells deep within us all. (I hope you don't mind my round-about way of answering your question, I felt compelled to go much more in depth than what was expected.)

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Who is the jinchriki of the 3 tailed beast in naruto shippuden?

The last jinchuriki was Yagura who was able to have full control over the beast.

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