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It is a 3 staged approach:

Stage 1 - Infect computers with programs such as Trojans that will allow remote access to take over control or initiate a program to perform a specific task(s). This will convert the computer to become a botnet.

Stage 2 - Collect botnets - so that the bot master will be able to make all the botnets to perform a specific task simultaneously.

Stage 3 - Perform DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack! The bot master will activate his/her botnets to perform the denial of service (DOS) attack.

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Q: How is a denial of service attack mounted and carried out?
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What is attack is an assault whose purpose is to disrupt computer access to an Internet service such as the Web or email?

A Denial of Service attack (Abbreviated as DoS).

What is a Degradation of service attack?

A Degradation of Service attack is just a Denial of Service attack that doesn't completely overwhelm the target. It is subjective as to the point at which the degradation is so severe that it constitutes a full blown Denial of Service attack.

Where did disappear to?

Denial of service attack?

Where is it possible to learn about a denial of service attack?

There are many places where you can read up on the information on denial of service attack. Information is readily available on the internet in places such as computer and technology forums.

Teardrop is a form of what attact?

Denial of service packet fragmentation attack

What is the Example of denial of service attacks?

One way would be to make call after call in an attempt to make all circuits busy. This type of attack is called a denial of service

What damage does a denial-of-service attack cause to a business?

"A denial of service attack can cause great damage to a business. It attempts to make programs or websites unavailable to use. In this case, people can not shop/use your website and your security has been compromised."

When hackers use zombie computers to launch an attack on another computer or website the attack is know as what?

distributed denial-of-service attack or known as DDoS

What is protection for a Denial of Service Attack?

A decent firewall will block a Denial of Service Attack (DOS) from sending requests from a single IP address, but a Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDOS) which is sent from thousands to millions of IPs might not be blocked however most firewalls will only allow a certain amount of connections which is not nearly enough to make your machine deny you service, however it might make your machine run a bit slower.

Are spam and hoaxes a part of Denial of Service attack?

increased non subjective emails ( e mail bombs) are the part of DDoS, A "denial-of-service" attack is characterized by an explicit attempt by attackers to prevent legitimate users of a service from using that service which can rasie frequent mails like above one! A DoS attack may include execution of

Is denial of service also called a Nuke attack?

"Yes, It is also known as DoS attack or DDoS attack too. It is where a type of service it prevented to function such as an internet site like a bank service or something like that."

Can a denial service attack be used to deny hackers?

Only Temporarily, they always find a way!