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the second commandment says that there shall be no other gods before the true God. Some fiances get a little carried away with their love for the other and say something like "I'll worship you all my life" or something like that. That in itself is going against what the second commandment says. See what I mean?

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actually thats the first commandment the second is you shall not use the lords name in vain
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Q: How does the second commandment affect vows?
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How does the second commandment affect to vow?

Protestants, Jews and Catholics number the commandments differently. To Protestants and Jews, the second commandment deals mostly with idolatry and has no effect of vows. To Catholics, the second commandment forbids taking God's name in vain, which can be interpreted as forbidding taking a vow in God's name with the intent not to keep it.

What does the second commandment ask of us?

Nothing. It's a commandment.

Are the wedding vows out of date?

no, they are to prove love and set guidelines for the married couple, whilst reinforcing the tenth commandment.

What is the second commandment?

Vice President The title of the second-in-command is deputy or vice-

What actors and actresses appeared in The Second Commandment - 1915?

The cast of The Second Commandment - 1915 includes: John Mackin as Sahki - a Sunworshiper

Why is the second commandment loving?

The second of the Ten Commandments is not to worship anything other than God.

Who wrote the commandment the second time after moses broke them?

It was god who wrote it.

What is th Value of the second commandment?

The Second Commandment forbids idolatry. The worship of any object or creation is both a distraction from and an affront to God. This was important to keep the Israelites from being influenced by the religious of the people around them.

What is the message in Matthew 22 36-40?

The Great Commandment. What Jesus gave as the first great commandment is found in Deuteronomy 6:4-5; the second, in Leviticus 19:18. Note that Jesus puts God first, our neighbor second.

Is blasphemy a sin against the second commandment?

A:The second commandment is first of all not to make carved images or any likeness of anything, and secondly not to worship that image. Whenever we take a photograph, paint a picture or erect a statue of a person or any living thing we are breaking the first part of the second commandment. Because of this, the Jews fiercely resisted any image being shown in Jerusalem, during the post-Exilic period and at the time of Jesus. Were we to worship any image we have, perhaps even a statue of Jesus, we would break the second part of this commandment. Blasphemy is not really prohibited by the second commandment. Of course, this is merely a technicality. If you are a Christian, you know that to blaspheme is a sin. If you are not a Christian, you are not bound by the Ten Commandments, but you do know that what a Christian would consider blasphemy is insensitive.

Which commandment stresses obedience to lawful authority?

The fourth commandment!

When was The Vows created?

The Vows was created in 1973.