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Q: How does sam and Eric betray Ralph?
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What does Ralph warn Sam and Eric?

Ralph warns Sam and Eric about the imminent danger posed by Jack and his tribe, urging them to remain vigilant and not betray his location. He emphasizes the importance of staying together to stand a better chance of survival against the violent and unpredictable group.

How does Ralph find out?

by sam and eric

How do Sam and Eric act when Ralph shows up at castle rock?

Sam and Eric betray Ralph by joining Jack's tribe and refuse to help him. They warn Ralph that Jack's tribe plans to hunt him, demonstrating their loyalty to the new tribe. Sam and Eric become caught in the middle of the power struggle between Ralph and Jack.

Who are the four to keep the fire burning?

Sam and Eric, Piggy, and Ralph.

Who tells Jack where Ralph is hiding in Chapter 12?

sam and eric

How did sam and Eric treat Ralph when he shows up at caslte rock?

Sam and Eric initially follow Jack's orders and inform him of Ralph's arrival. However, they struggle with their loyalty to Ralph and end up warning him about Jack's intentions to hunt him. They ultimately help Ralph escape from Castle Rock.

Driven by fear and hunger Ralph manages to make contact with sam n Eric guard at the castle rock of what do they warn him?

Sam and Eric warn Ralph that Jack and the others are going to hunt him tomorrow. There for they are going to kill him

Who left among the boys that remain loyal to Ralph?

piggy , sam and eric

Who is left among the boys that remain loyal to ralph?

piggy , sam and eric

What info does Ralph get from sam and Eric?

Ralph finds out from Sam & Eric that Ralph will be hunted down by Jack's tribe and Roger will "sharpen a stick at both ends". That could mean that Jack's wants Ralph's head, or something symobic like the harm done onto another causes harm to oneself.

What do Sam and Eric give to Ralph in Lord of the Flies?

nothing beside help and support

Who are the only bugns who have remained with Ralph in the lord of the flies?

The boys who stick with Ralph in "Lord of the Flies" are Piggy, Sam, and Eric. They provide support for Ralph's leadership and attempt to maintain order on the island despite the escalating chaos.