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kenobi takes luke as a sort-of apprentice. he trains him, but like its not official b/c theres no jedi council to officialize it, etc. but luke is trained by kenobi in the ways of the force and kenobi also appears as a spirit to luke when lukes in trouble or doesnt know what to do.

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Obi-Wan used a jedi mine trick. it's only good for the weak minded. he convinced the stormtroopers that R2-D2 an C3PO weren't the droids they were looking for. many jedi use this and it pops up many times in the movie. Mine tricks are channeled through the mind, and a little bit through the hands. Obi-Wan didn't have to move 2 fingers to do it, but i think it must help in some way otherwise he wouldn't do it.

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Q: How does obi- wan kenobi use the force to get by the storm troopers?
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