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i don't know READ THE BOOK

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2009-05-22 01:24:16
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Q: How does jack in the book lord of the flies religion and superstitions to manipulate as tools of power?
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Why were superstitions created?

Well think about it. If you have a religion then in that case you think that it is the true religion, or so i hope. They were not superstitions to them they just didn't know any better. Unless it was the inventor of the religion, who would be conscious of the fact that the religion would be false and superstitious. But the people who were his followers were moved by his false faith and by the false promise of power under this God.

What is Damien's power in House of Night?

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What does geokinesis mean?

Geokinesis means the power to manipulate earth with the mind.

What is the definition of coersive power?

Coercive power is similar to reward power in that it involves O's ability to manipulate the attainment of valences.

Is it foolish to believe in superstitions?

Yes, superstitions are nothing but a feeling or a belief that somebody has designed themselves. There is nothing true in a superstition. It is merely a feeling or made up belief to give somebody a sense of power and to have people who follow them.

Who was able to manipulate electricity to power the light bulb?

Thomas Edison invented the light bulb.

What are 2 strengths of napoleon in animal farm?

•He has the power to manipulate •He is determined so he fights for what he wants

What powers does the avatar ang have?

He has the power to manipulate elements. He can use air, earth, fire, and water.

Is religion power?


What did aecient egyptians believed in that Osiris can do?

He could help plants grow. He also had the power to manipulate energy.

What is the theme of power in Lord of the Flies?

The conch represents power in lord of the flies and there is a massive power struggle between Jack and ralph.

How can you get spiritual power from hindus religion through the internet?

I still want to know how i can get the spiritual power from hindus religion.

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