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Harry fells a bit annoyed with Dudley because his Uncle and Aunt treat Dudley like a prince and Harry like a beggar.

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Q: How does harry feel about dudley?
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Why does aunt petunia insist on putting the entire family on a diet when it is Dudley who is overweight?

She doesn't want to make Dudley feel like he is suffering alone. Remember she loves Dudley, despises Harry.

Did the Dudley's like harry in the end?

no. dudley and his family always hated harry and they never will like him.

Who is a friend of Dudley's friends in Harry Potter?

Dudley Dursley.

How old is Harry on Dudley's birthday in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone?

On Dudley's birthday, Harry is 10, but shortly after he turns 11

Does Dudley die in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

No, Dudley survives.

What was the name of Harry potter cousin that he lived with in England?

Harry Potter's aunt is called Petunia Dursley and his cousin is called Dudley Dursley. Petunia is his mother's sister.Vernon Dursley (Harry's uncle) also has a sister who Harry is forced to call aunt, her name is Marge Dursley.

How fond was Petunia of Dudley in Harry Potter?

Aunt Petunia (Dudley's mother, Harry's aunt) was extremely fond of her son, Dudley Dursley. This resulted in the spoiling of Dudley, and the birth of numerous affectionate names for him like 'Diddykims' and 'Dudders'.

What did Dudley Dursley want Harry Potter to pass him at breakfast?

Dudley wants Harry to pass him bacon, according to the beginning of The Chamber of Secrets.

How did Harry Potter's aunt and uncle feel about him being a wizard?

They were ashamed of having a Wizard in the family and they do not like him. They are also scared of him, especially Dudley

Who is Harry Potter's cousins?

He has only one cousin, Dudley. He has only one cousin, Dudley.

When Harry Potter was young what did Harry cause to escape the zoo?

Harry was talking to a python, and Dudley pushed him over. His anger at Dudley caused the glass to vanish and the python escaped :D

In What Harry Potter movie is Dudley and harry attacked by dementors?

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.