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He avoids being killed because he is so close to the cliff wall with Jack it goes straight over Ralph and Jack.

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he runs away

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he hids in a thicket

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Q: How does Ralph manage to survive once the hunt for him begins?
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Lord of the Flies- How does Ralph manage to survive during the hunt for him?

Ralph survives during the hunt for him by hiding and using his wits to evade capture. He utilizes his knowledge of the island's geography to stay ahead of the other boys and relies on his instincts for self-preservation. Ralph's ability to think quickly and adapt to the situation helps him evade danger until he is eventually rescued.

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Who helps Ralph with the hunt buildings?


What do they tell Ralph all the boys are going to do the next day?

Samneric inform Ralph that Jack is organsing a hunt for the next day and that the boys are going to form a line across the entire island and hunt for Ralph.

How does Jack overthrow Ralph's authority?

he decides to start a tibe of his own. then he starts to hunt down Ralph's tribe and kills piggy and Simon and tied up sam and Eric and starts to hunt down Ralph too.

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Why does Ralph agree to join the hunt Explain all the factors that go into his decision.?

Ralph agrees to join the hunt in "Lord of the Flies" because he is influenced by the group dynamics and the excitement of the hunt, as well as the desire to fit in with the other boys. Additionally, Ralph wants to prove his worth and leadership to the group by participating in activities that the others value.

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