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Although her eyes are very distinct she doesn't have the sharingan and her eyes aren't dojutsu. If you want to know what dojusu just ask!

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Q: How does Kurenai have the sharingan?
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Does kurenai have sharingan?

I think so she has the red in and the line around her pupil but she dosent appear to have any tomoe an active sharingan requires at least 1.

How were Asuma and Kurenai related?

Asuma and Kurenai were not related. They were lovers. Asuma was the father of Kurenai's baby.

What team is Hinata in?

That's a good question. You hardly ever see hinata with anyone. I would have to say either kiba or kurenai sensie.

What does the name kurenai mean?

Kurenai means "crimson" in Japanese

When did Kurenai no Tsuki happen?

Kurenai no Tsuki happened in 2009.

When was Kurenai no tsubasa created?

Kurenai no tsubasa was created in 1958.

How tall is Manko Kurenai?

Manko Kurenai is 155 cm.

What is the duration of Kurenai no tsubasa?

The duration of Kurenai no tsubasa is 1.55 hours.

When was Kurenai no Tsuki created?

Kurenai no Tsuki was created on 2009-07-24.

Is sharingan and mangekyo sharingan the same?

A Mangekyo Sharingan is an awakened, advanced form of Sharingan. Characters have unlocked it by killing someone close to them.

What is the birth name of Kurenai Kanda?

Kurenai Kanda's birth name is Kazuko Toida.

What is the birth name of Manko Kurenai?

Manko Kurenai's birth name is Mitsuko Yabumoto.