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redo the undertakers road to wm

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Q: How do you unlock zombie santino in SvR 2009 PS3?
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What can you unlock on fifa 2009 on the ps3?

if you score form your own penalty area you can unlock the super badger team

Can you download PS3 zombie mode on playstation store and play offline?

zombie mode is on ps3 you dummy

How do you unlock Kane's old mask How to unlock stone cold in SVR 2009 How to unlock the rock in SVR 2009?

For Kane you have to download him on the ps3 network. And for stone cold and the rock...well u don't and, that's the bottom line

Is there any zombie games for the PS3?

There are games that have zombies as characters for PS3

How do you unlock ted diabese jr on smackdown vs raw 2009 wii?

He is DLC for xbox and ps3 only

How do unlock nazi zombie mapsin cod black ops for wii?

Im not sure, but on ps3 and xbox you have to get out of the chair by pressing both triggers rapidly and then walk over to the computer and click X/A and then type "3arc unlock" then click enter

Can you unlock zombies levels in call of duty black ops for wii?

Wii has a single Zombie mode map. PS3 and Xbox 360 have 11 possible if all 4 DLCs are purchased for $60. Just purchasing Rezurrection for $15 will get you 8 total zombie maps for the PS3 or Xbox 360. Levels for the zombie mode are unlocked when you kill all the zombies on that level and you continue to get a new level until you are dead

What does zombie mode do on call of duty 4 on ps3?

Call of Duty 4 does not have a zombie mode

How do you unlock the second zombie mode levels Call Of Duty Black Ops?

Press L2/LT and R2/RT repeatedly in the main menu. Walk around and you will find a computer. Use it and type in "3ARC UNLOCK" Add me on ps3 almostasachi

How do you get Dead Ops Arcade on Black Ops for PS3?

The player can unlock this by breaking free from the chair and typing in "DOA" or "3ARC UNLOCK" in the computer. "3ARC ULNOCK" will also unlock all game levels and "Five" if not beaten. quoted from related zombie mode link under Dead Ops Arcade

How do you get outside the house on zombie mode on ps3?

you got to hack it

What does the cheat doa unlock do in black ops?

It's not really a cheat and for the Wii and DS nothing for the PS3 and Xbox 360 it unlocks only the 2 Zombie maps Five and Dead Ops Arcade.