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In main menu, mark "play movie" and press and hold play on your remote

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Q: How do you unlock extended versions of salt DVD?
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Which DVD film offers the most extras apart from Lord of the Rings Extended Editions?

I own all three of the extended versions, and as far as i know it offers the most extras.

How do you unlock a polaroid portable DVD player?

my DVD player not work

Is there a DVD version of Guitar Hero?

no All versions are DVD's its just what the programming on the disk is for.

Can Canadian Computer DVD play in UK?

Yes. As so long as you are using Canadian versions of the DVD's

What does extended version on a DVD mean?

How It was originally seen in the theaters.

How do you get codes to unlock bonus features on a DVD?

Need code for DVD to watch bonus features

What do you you unlock after completeing career mode in svr 2010?

you unlock wwe DVD and movies clips

How do you unlock write protected disk?

I am trying to format a dvd/rw disk but it is write protected. how do i unlock it?

Is wolf lake on DVD?

No "official release", but plenty of homemade versions.

How do you know if your never say never movie has extended features?

Check the DVD Box and see if it says extended features on it.

Where can you get Pride and Prejudice 1901 and 1960 0n DVD?

I don't think you can. I know of film versions in 1940 and 2005, and TV versions in 1980 and 1995, all four of which are widely available on DVD at retail outlets. I have never heard of versions dating 1901 or 1960.

How do you unlock your Sony DAV-TZ210 Home Theater?

Unlock, as in play DVD's from other regions, or unlock as in remove the parental lock for adult movies?