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You don't just ask are you still married. ( Personally that's not what I say )

How about asking how's your husband or wife? You'll get an answer if there married or not by asking that.

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Q: How do you say are you still married?
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They say she still loves him but is eager to get married soon?


Can you and your partner say you're married and be married without a license?

You can say anything you like and people do, but technically you are still living common-law.

Are the parents still responsible for finacially supporting two minors that get married?

If they are married they are emancipated through the fact they are married, so I would say no.

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When the parson asks if you are married what do you say?

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Can you say She is married with ..... and when?

When you want to say she is married, with "two children" for example. Never to say who she is married to.

You were married then separated for 33 years. Are you still legally married?

Yes, you are still married.

If your husband got deported fromm the US and were still married for 7 years can he get married to someone eles and were still married?

yes he can still get married

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