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There is no specific word for emerald in Sindarin. By composition, you could say

calenmîr (lit. green jewel)

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Q: How do you say Emerald in elvish?
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How do you say freedom in elvish?

Which elvish? Quenya, Sindarin, and Woodelvin are all different.

How do you say Dance with me under the stars in Sindarin elvish?

'Dance with me under the stars' translates into Elvish ' yassen amin nu i' giliath'.

What does feeling elvish mean in this statement 1 Feeling elvish today 2 My elvish fishtail hair?

In the context given, feeling "elvish" likely means feeling whimsical, ethereal, or mystical, akin to characteristics associated with elves in fantasy literature. "Elvish fishtail hair" may refer to a hairstyle that is reminiscent of elven aesthetics, with intricate, flowing braids or twists that resemble fishtails.

How do you say hate you in elvish?

In Sindarin, you can say Ech deleb(lit. you + abominable, loathsome)

How do you say hello in elvish?

In J.R.R. Tolkien's Elvish language, Quenya, "hello" is translated as "Namárië." In Sindarin, another Elvish language he created, "mae govannen" is commonly used as a greeting, which means "well met."

How do you say castillo in elvish?

In Sindarin, the word for castle or fortress is ost.

How do you say none shall pass in elvish?

In Sindarin: ú-athradathach

How do you say sorry in elvish?

There is no word for 'sorry,' but 'Forgive me' is 'Goheno nin' (go-HAY-no neen) If you would like more elvish, go to the link provided below.

What is the elvish name for warrior?

The elvish name for warrior is "heru".

What is the elvish word for war?

the elvish word for war is Mal. (I looked up elvish words and the website said that Mal is the elvish word for war) Always happy to answer your Questions, ~ E

What is rebecca in elvish?

Rebecca means "to bind," which in Sindarin (Elvish) is gwedh-. Adding one of the common Elvish name endings (-iel, -ien, -wen), Rebecca would be Gwedhiel or Gwedhien.Note: dh is pronounced as a hard th, as in "thee" in English.

When was Elvish Linguistic Fellowship created?

Elvish Linguistic Fellowship was created in 1988.