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anime- an-ih-may

manga: m-ahn-gah



I've heard of two ways for each:

manga might be maung-ga like the au in caught. or mang-ga like the ang in boomerang

anime might me ah-ni-may (same as it looks here.), or an-i-may, with the an like the an from and.

I guess that doesn't help much. /_\


From the Japanese spelling in hiragana



i'd say it's pronounced




I say a-neeem and mine-gah but I'm from NI so I probably pronounce it different lol

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The word 'manga' is pronounced "man-gah". It is not common or correct to pronounce it "main-gah".

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The Japanese pronunciation of it is, "mah-ung-ga". It's two syllables (the first is "mah+ung") but this describes how to pronounce the first syllable properly.

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Q: How do you pronounce anime and manga?
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It is both anime and manga

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most anime are based from manga.

Why is manga draw different from anime?

Anime grew out of manga. Manga is pictures and comics while Anime is a film although they both look almost identical anime programmes are sometimes based on manga comics

Is anime the same as manga?

No, anime and manga are two different forms of media. Anime refers to animated TV shows or movies, while manga refers to Japanese comic books or graphic novels. Anime often adapts manga series into animated form.

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It's a manga that was also adapted into an anime.

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It is basically Anime some people here say anime manga but anime and manga is different. Manga is like a comic but black and white and you read it from right to left. and anime basically means animation in Japanese. So yeah...

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Totally Spies is an anime. manga are the actual comic strips, anime are the TV shows.

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An anime series does not of necessity start with manga . Manga usually generates enough interest to spawn an anime series ; the two are not mutually exclusive .

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Japan is the only country who creates manga and anime. anything simmilar in other countries isn't manga or anime it is simply comics and cartoons in anime and manga styles