How do you pillow ride?

Updated: 8/29/2023
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First you have to be naked. You kneel down over an object like a pillow make sure your gential is on the pillow and your clitoris can be rub when you thrust your hips only your hips on the pillow making sure as thrust back and forth your cclitoris is being stimulated by the pillow.This is called humping. It is sort of like have sex with pillow only thing is that you are on top

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It means to rub your genitals against the pillow to stimulate them and orgasm. More often done by women than men, so that labia and clitoris receive friction from the fabric of the pillow cover. Usually performed in a kneeling position with the pillow between the thighs, so 'riding' it like a horse.

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Q: How do you pillow ride?
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