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Because I saw him this morning.

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Q: How do you know if john cena is still alive?
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Did John ceana die?

Ok for those of u who dont know John Ceana is one of RAW's best wrestlers. ( at least in my opinion) lolz

Who in john cena's family is died?

we don not know still

Who is better boogeyman or John Cena?

I know that The Boogeyman is scarier than Cena , but that doesn't matter Cena is still the best and it doesn't matter because '' The Champ Is Here''!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does John Cena know how to spell?

Yes, John Cena knows how to spell.

What is John Cena's daughter's name?

He Does Not Have a Daughter now if it is John Cena Sr That I don't Know

How do you know john cena adopted a kid?

John Cena didnt adopt a kid

What is john cena last names?

well i dont know maybe cena

Who was john cena's hero?

john cena's hero is hulk hogan i know all the facts

Is John cena righty or lefty?

John Cena writes left handed. The only way I know is because of Wikipedia.

Does Zendaya know John Cena?

No. Because John Cena is in WWE, and Zendaya is in Shake It Up which is in Chicago.

What is it with the Rock going after John Cena?

Because The Rock said John Cena was talking trash about him. So now The Rock wants to go after John Cena over that. I don't know what John Cena said about him though.

What does john stamos look like?

i dont really know if he is still alive